another ece botheration

IMHO, Authorware’s “find in calc” dialogue tries to be a little too smart for its own good. When you select the find button in a calc the “Find” field is auto-populated with the ‘word’ nearest the caret. This may save you the step of c&p’ing a string into that field, however consider the following scenario that I constantly get caught by:
I’ve written a method in my calc and make a number of calls/references to it. Down the road I realize the method’s name is a little too arcane so I rename it. Now I’ll need to rename all the calls. So I select a reference to the old name, copy it to clipboard, open the find and go to paste it in the “Find” field. Hey, excellent it’s already there. Next step close the find window, select the new method name and ctrl+c that. Hit the find button and boom my “Find” field is pre-pop’d with the new method name. $#@*!

The find should also remember your settings within a session. For example, if I select the “Entire Text” scope option then each time I bring up the find that option should be selected, regardless of what I’ve highlighted in the ece.

(btw I always make the mistake of ctrl+f’ing first and get the ‘other’ find window. What do you think about passing the ctrl+f priority off the calc? If the ece has focus ctrl+f brings up the calc find, otherwise you get the aw find.)

OT: botheration? Yup it’s a word.

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