in the best interest of Authorware

There are occasions when I honestly believe Authorware could be better served by not being owned by Macromedia. Pretty bold statement, huh? After all Macromedia took a fledgling FutureSplash and turned it into the leading web application/animation platform going. By far. How could Authorware possibly be in better hands?

For any company to invest in a product it obviously has to offer them a return. The issue for Macromedia is to find a way to invest in Authorware so that it attracts new users (and their money) without simply competing with, and drawing developers away from, their other products. These decisions could be alot easier for an organization that was competing with packages like Flash and Director for marketshare.

That said, you’ll notice I wrote Authorware could be better served. Simply applying some of the things that make Macromedia such a success would serve Authorware the best. MM is such a dynamic company, attracting some brilliant developers and designers. They are so adept at “determining” the needs and requirements of their users and then fulfilling those needs. Perhaps that is why some aw developers get so passionate about what they see as “neglect”. They see the potential and it frustrates them that it doesn’t appear to be leveraged.

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