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I only added Kevin Site’s blog to my list of subscribed feeds in September but have been browsing throught the archives ever since. Kevin is freelance journalist who’s been working for MSNBC/NBC in Iraq and keeping a personal “photo-blog” while doing so. Its been on/off since the beginning of the invasion as I get the impression he’s seen some pressure from his various employers. He really manages to deliver a personal side of the situation. Giving us a glimpse into the everyday goings on of people just living their lives and doing their jobs. Whether that be an Iraqi wedding or American Marines on patrol.

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  1. andrew lucking - software developer, amateur boatbuilder, bon vivant says:

    February 25, 2005 at 11:54 pm

    [...] uple of months prior to the Iraqi elections. I’ve mentioned Kevin Sites’ blog previously. There really is some amazing stuff in there and the firestorm he became t [...]

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