flash in authorware tip #17

One of the bigger issues with adding flash to your authorware piece (through the asset xtra) is the performance hit caused by anything more complex than the most basic of swfs. In most cases setting the #directToStage property of the flash icon is a necessity. Sometimes however, sections of the piece contain media that need to overlay the swf, for example, in the case of a glossary. Here’s a simple, flicker free way to toggle the property (picked up from some of the wise folks on the aware list):

my_swf.DirectToScreen = false;
my_swf.SetIconProperty("#directToStage", false);

And of course to toggle it back again (while working in the ide it’s wise to do so or the next time you test your piece the swf will no longer be directToStage):

my_swf.DirectToScreen = true;
my_swf.SetIconProperty("#directToStage", true);

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