FlashPaper 2 in Authorware

Some time ago I updated the using FlashPaper in Authorware sample that Chris Phillips I and had originally written for the Macromedia Exchange. I just noticed that while the description of the item on the Exchange describes v2, the file being downloaded is still the original version. So until the update is properly linked from the Exchange I’ll share a copy here. (Please note that I will edit this post to remove that non Exchange link once everything is back in sync).

The sample demonstrates one technique for enabling communication to and from a swf inserted in authorware. Basically allowing you to call all of the available flashpaper 2.0 api methods from within authorware as well as to trap flashpaper events.

FlashPaper can be a handy way to display and print static documents from within your Authorware pieces. If you’re not familiar with FlashPaper you can find out about it here.

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