macromedia livedocs feeds

Macromedia recently added rss feeds and email notifications to livedocs. It seems that currently the rss links are only available on pages containing an existing comment. However, by taking a cue from Christian Cantrell’s suggestion (linked above) of fiddling with the feed urls it seems to be possible to subscribe to an entire “book” as well. So I’ve added the Authorware 7 and Flash MX 2004 feeds to my reader to try it out. I actually dropped a small (legit) comment on an Authorware page as a simple test and it came up in the rss reader. I’ll probably unsubscribe if information overload sets in (or worse, some cretin realizes they can feed spam us by dumping their garbage in the docs).

Christian and the rest of the IMD(?) team have been providing us with some nice alternative ways of getting up to date information off the Macromedia servers.

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