undocumented icon properties

Over the last number of releases the Authorware engineers have exposed more and more icon properties to provide for them to be accessed through script. By Authorware 7 the majority of them have been made available, however a good many remain undocumented. To the rescue comes the export the flowline to xml option. Set up a simple file that contains an icon with the property you’re hunting and assign it a value through the UI property inspector, then export that file as xml. From there you need to do a little hunting in the xml file and chances are you’ll track down the property.

This came up on the aware list when someone was asking for a way to set the grid coordinates within which a direct to grid motion icon can move. A quick peek in the xml of an exported flowline turned up #AWPositionGridPoints which is a rect.

var grid_rect = new Rect(0, 0, 640, 480);
mymove_mot.SetIconProperty("#AWPositionGridPoints", grid_rect);

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