vg23 – tab and weld

Once I was happy with how the frames and bulkheads were sitting and the hull had taken its’ proper form I went around and tightened up the cable ties holding the panels together. I also taped along the exterior of the seams with duct tape (right over the ties). The sight of the hull sitting there all “sealed up” with duct tape provoked a few more “are you sure you know what you’re doing?” type cracks from the peanut gallery. The mess it prevented during the welding and filleting process made the good natured ribbing a little easier to take though. Besides, the odd looks my “no, not really” responses got sort of gave me a chuckle.

Next step was to weld the panels together with a putty made by mixing woodflour into batches of epoxy. Folks say to mix the putty to a peanut butter like consistency which seemed to work well. I didn’t fret too much about getting the right mixture but found it quickly became one of those things you just knew. On one of my many trips to the hardware store / lumber yard I had grabbed a shopping bag full of sawdust from beneath one of the circular saws on the loading dock. I ran this through a flour sifter to remove the larger splinters but soon realized that it was a bit too coarse to build nice smooth fillets. Dumping it into a coffee grinder solved that. Once I’d welded all the panel seams between the cable ties I glued the transom in place. I remember the sense of achieving some sort of milestone the first time I had to climb over the transom to get inside the hull. I also filleted and applied a layer of fibreglass tape inside the bow. Finally, I cut a few hooks from scrap plywood to use as bracing for the side panels and attached them to the frames of the basket mold before removing the frames.

framing removed and hull sanded

BTW, if you’d like to “jump ahead” and take a peek at some more of the photos of the build progress to date I put together a little flash photoviewer here:
(I think most, if not all, of the photos are in the album on so you may have already seen ‘em).

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