wordpress 1.5 and all is well

…I think.

The site underwent a fairly painless WordPress update this morning. Version 1.5 (Strayhorn) was officially released this past week and I figured I could take advantage of some of the new features. I broke the comment functionality during the update process so it took a bit of fiddling to get things back in running order. On top of that some kindly (and tenacious) spammer chose this morning to help test out some of the new comment and trackback handling. A bit of junk slipped through in the middle of the update but I’ve cleaned it out. It was actually very easy to do thanks to the new Check past comments against moderation list link. Sweet.

So, Mr. texas-holdem-online-poker-prescription-phentermine dude the beta cycle is over. Thanks for all your efforts in testing the site, your diligence helps to make it the best it can be. We have some modest “appreciation schwag” for you so if you’ll just send along your personal contact information I’ll be sure to get it in the post.

I’ve also tweaked the format of the syndication feeds a little. They should now also contain the full text of posts so you won’t have to browse to the site to read the entire post. As well I’ve limited the item count to the 5 most recent posts to keep bandwidth down for the dialup folks.

If you come across anything that is broken or could be improved drop a coment (or email). Thanks.

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