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With tongue in cheek I put together a toolbar button for Internet Explorer that unselects the Yahoo toolbar checkbox on the Flash Player download page. That’s right, it’s a toolbar that helps you to opt-out of the Yahoo! toolbar offer from Macromedia. Call it statement-ware. Basically, it runs a bit of javascript on the page to set the checked state of the “also install” checkbox to false when the IE toolbar button is clicked. Really this provides no added functionality to the page (nor removes any).

What’s the point you ask? There is no point except to make a statement. I’ve followed (and participated in) the Yahoo! toolbar debate that has recently been waged and while I feel encouraged by the way Macromedia have reacted to the developer community feedback I continue to disagree with the offer’s opt-in status. Of course, the absurdity of a toolbar item to deselect an option to install a toolbar is also part of the point. As another explanation I’d suggest that perhaps I have too much time on my hands but that really is far from the truth.

I’ve assembled the files in a zip here. It contains the following:
y_opt_out.ico – the toolbar button’s icon (a rather lame effort…).
y_opt_out.js – the script file that is executed when the toolbar button is clicked.
y_opt_out.reg – a reg file to assist in the toolbar button installation (direct linking a reg file just seemed wrong). Basically it adds a registry key in
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Extensions\
Before merging it you’ll need to edit the directory location for the values it contains to point to the location on your pc where the above files will be located (currently pointing to D:\y_opt_out\).

Here’s a screengrab of the toolbar in IE6:
Yahoo! toolbar opt-out toolbar button

And this is a link to the MSDN docs for Internet Explorer browser extensions:

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