longhorn timeline

microsoft-watch.com has an article wondering if Microsoft will be able to meet the (most recent) Windows Longhorn timeline. It looks like a fall 2006 release should things go according to plan:

- April 2005: Preview/pre-beta release to OEMs and software vendors at the Windows Hardware Engineering Conference.
- Summer 2005 (Microsoft is saying early; we’re hearing July/August): Longhorn Beta 1 released to testers.
- Late 2005 to mid-2006: Interim Longhorn builds (similar to the Community Technology Preview releases that Microsoft’s developer division has been delivering) go to testers
- Some time in the first half of 2006: Beta 2 released
- Q3/Q4 2006: Longhorn released to manufacturing and delivered to PC makers so they can preload it on new machines
- Holiday season 2006: Longhorn hits retail

Scoff away if that’s what you do. No doubt it’ll be bumpy but Avalon sounds pretty cool.

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