yet another macromedia conspiracy theory

Macromedia “conspiracy theories” seem to be all the rage these days so I thought I’d start one of my own.

A couple of weeks ago Macromedia updated their xml news aggregator to version 2.0 (mxna 2.0) and it is a very nice improvment over the original. Among other things the design has been improved, they’ve added multiple language support and included some handy sidebars. The search functionality has also been overhauled and they’ve provided an advanced search page.

One of the new sidebars is the Last 20 Searches which claims to be a list containing “the last 20 terms people have searched MXNA 2.0 for”. All part of the intitative to help readers spot trends and follow what other users are interested in. Others have mentioned the lighter side of the Last 20 Searches sidebar – how folks occasionally amuse themselves (and others) with the search list. But I’ve noticed something much more sinister at work here. It seems that the term Authorware isn’t deemed worthy to be included in that search list. Check it out:

In keeping with the “make dire allusions and refrain from conclusions” fad I’m going to let imagination connect the dots. (That’s not entirely true – I’ve just reported it as a bug but that was much too responsible of me).

About time someone broke out the Microsoft acquisition again ain’t it?


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