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The ajaxian blog points to’s recently revamped website. They’ve built it using what’s been coined as AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML). It’s actually a pretty slick site, though two things struck me:
- Slighty different experience across browsers. Nothing big mind you – functionality all seems pretty consistent but there are little aesthetic things. To be honest I think I’m probably nitpicking here – I’m actually quite impressed with how things work in both the win32 browsers I’ve tried.
- I’m posting this from an embarrassingly slow machine and those animated menus are far from snappy. I don’t think I’d expect that from a swf (though I have seen flash player pieces chug on this box).

There’s a comment in the blog entry linked above that I also see from time to time as a Flash criticism. It goes something like: but it can’t be bookmarked. That always strikes me as an odd request for a web based application. I understand the desire to bookmark a document but when was the last time you expected to “bookmark” your location in a desktop app?

Anyhow, Jesse James Garrett has a good article on using AJAX for web applications here:

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