authorware to swf experiment – files

I’ve put together a package containing the files used in the authorware to swf experiment mentioned last week: (79KB)
Of course, you’ll also need swfmill and MTASC.

The zip contains 3 directories:
as contains the ActionScript class files
aw_sample contains the Authorware sample.a7p, sample.xml (awxml), and media exported from sample.a7p
xslt contains the XSL Transform files
I’ve also included aw2swf.bat which combines the process of calling the compilers (swfmill and mtasc).

A note of warning – this is all quite primitive.

As mentioned previously the .a7p being “converted” in this process must be of a fairly specific structure. A single framework icon, an entry pane containing an interaction with next & previous navigate icons and individual display icons as children of the framework. Displays can contain pngs, jpegs or Authorware drawn shapes. (Curves in circles and roundrects are still pretty rudimentary so they may not be accurately reproduced in the swf). After running the “export as XML…” command from Authorware here’s the steps I’ve been following to make the “conversion”:
– to “prepare” the awxml and media for swfmill wrap any exported text objects in HTML within the CDATA[] of an xml file (see the Aperture.rtf and Aperture.xml file in the awsample directory for reference). Any HTML tags supported by a Flash dynamic textfield should work. Also edit the Authorware XML file to reference the .xml files as opposed to the .rtf.
- update the xslt/config.xml to point to the location for swfmill to locate the media files referenced by the awxml.
- using the swfmill xslt argument apply the awxml2swf.xsl to the awxml file specifying a swf for the “<out>” parameter. This will also generate a swfml xml file for each display icon in the output directory. e.g.:
swfmill xslt xslt\awxml2swf.xsl aw_sample\sample.xml aw_sample\sample.swf
- use swfmill to generate a swf for each of the xml files in the output directory (use a batch file to make this easier). e.g. :
swfmill xml2swf aw_sample\output\65545.xml aw_sample\output\65545.swf
- compile the ActionScript classes using MTASC with the -swf flag. e.g. :
mtasc -swf aw_sample\sample.swf -cp as\ -main

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  1. John says:

    September 20, 2010 at 3:07 pm

    Have you done any more with this process of conversion? I am attempting to not have to rebuild everything all over.

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