bunk and bench tops

At last it looks like I’m nearly finished fibreglass taping the stringers, frames and bulkheads into the hull. Getting into the corners to sand can be dusty and cramped work so I’m happy to be putting it behind me (atleast for the near future). I’ve developed a real appreciation for the angle grinder which really helps to take down the edges of the tape and any stray drips of fillet. Usually what I’ll do is run the grinder over the tape before sanding, keeping it handy for any of those spots that would take some working at with the sander. In the corners where both the angle grinder and the orbital sander can’t reach I’ve been using a Dremel type rotary tool with a decent sized grinding stone to get any of the sharp fibreglass edges. This seems especially important in the those sections that I know willl be storage compartments. I’ve caught my fingers on those rough edges a couple of times now and would rather not get that kind of suprise each time I reach into a storage locker.

I’ve also begun installing cleats to support the various bench tops etc. I know other builders have attached cleats to the frames prior to installing them in the hull – something I hadn’t done. I’ve been curious to see if I’d suffer for it but so far it hasn’t been a problem. I think in a couple of spots it may have actually worked to my advantage where I’ve been able to “even out” a spot where the edges of two frames didn’t line up by fractions of an inch.

Last year when builing the basket mold I got a pretty good deal on a laser level and have found it to be incredibly useful in keeping the cleats level. I’m actually a little impressed how even all the framing that supports the bench and bunk tops is. I can’t say I fussed a great deal getting the basket level but it seems to have worked out for me. It would seem I got a whole lot of dumb luck with my $50 level.

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    December 25, 2005 at 4:19 pm

    Íà òåïëîõîäå ìóçûêà èãðàåò

    Îäíî èç ñåðèè êóëüòîâûõ ôîòî, ñíÿòûõ íà êîðïîðàòèâíîé âå÷åðèíêå ëåòîì 2005 ã.


    Îäíî èç ñåðèè êóëüòîâûõ ôîòî, ñíÿòûõ íà êî…

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