flash player 8 beta and adblock

It seems there is a conflict between the beta of the Flash Player 8 (Maelstrom) plugin for FF and the adblock extension. A quick google turned up this entry in Sean Corfield’s blog which contains a short discussion of the issue in the comments section. Current solution: disable Obj-tabs (under adblock options).

Speaking of the player beta I’ve been checking out some of the various Maelstrom examples (in between testing existing content of course) but haven’t come across any news of the ECMAScript for XML (E4X) functionality that was suspected to be included. I wonder if thats beacuse it’s not ’sexy’ enough for the current Maelstrom ‘discovery’ commotion or perhaps it didn’t make it in?

update: Ahh, no E4X yet – Darron Schall pointed to a comment from David Mendels in Brooks Andrus’ blog. David is an executive VP at Macromedia. (I sure hope someone over at Adobe’s taking notes).

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