flash player 8 security model

With the Flash Player 8 in public beta some good discussions of the new security restrictions have been simmering on FlashCoders. For the most part the themes are familiar – ease of use, protection of sensitive or proprietary data / media, effectiveness of the implementation…

Security has changed in this upcoming version of the Flash Player and I’ll point to this post from Erica Norton of the Player QA team as a summary of how the restrictions are applied. It would seem I’m having a low comprehesion day – Erica’s explanation left me with more questions than answers. I think she’s the third Macromedian to step into the discussion and things still seem blurred.

I agree that a public beta can be an awkward state for a piece of software. With little to no documentation testers are forced to make some guesses / assumptions as to how things are intended to work. My prediction is that the discussion will continue and the fog will begin to lift.

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