macromedia developer relations podcast session deux

Mike and Christian have posted the second Macromedia Developer Relations podcast. In it they mention that they’re going to try and make it a weekly event. That would be fantastic though I imagine it takes some time to prepare a piece as “juicy” as these first two. Then again with all the stuff going on at Macromedia these days I imagine they’ll have alot of material for some time to come.

In this episode Mike Downey, (Product Manager for Flash), chats with the guys about the upcoming updates to the Flash Player and IDE. He gives an interesting overview of some of the steps along the road to getting Flash out the door. (For those marking calendars, Mike Chambers seems to imply the updates will ship prior to the Max event in October).

A vibe I got from this podcast is how these guys aren’t just colleagues doing a job – they’re pals who have a genuine passion for what they’re doing. Sounds clichéd I know but give it a listen and see if you catch it too.

See the Developer Relations podcast blog for a full list of topics covered and a link to the mp3.

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