learning @ apurvalawale.com

Folks in the Authorware community will surely be familiar with Apurva Lawale and the excellent collection of Authorware resources he has compiled over the years.

It seems that Apurva recently launched Learning @ apurvalawale.com where subscribers can access his library of resources …which contains code examples, articles and plugins (activex, u32, xtra) to help you do the various tasks that you might need to do in your eLearning project. As part of the launch he is offering alPicView and alTooltips for free to those who purchase subscriptions ($88) prior to the end of August.

Sure it’s a little sad when an excellent resource for newcomers to Authorware becomes less accessible. Overall though, I feel that if this provides an extensive collection of quality articles and samples then it is most welcome. Authorware suffers from a severe shortage of quality documentation and manuals.

(I’ve often wondered if a CommunityMX style knowledge library could be viable in the Authorware community).

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