flash player 8.5, Flex 2

Talk about keeping the party going. No wonder JD has a headache ;-)

Earlier today Macromedia announced their plans for a Flex 2 product line (Flex Builder, Flex Enterprise Services, Flex Framework and Flex Components) as well as Flash Player 8.5.

A brand new ActionScript Virtual Machine for the new ActionScript 3 scripting language, a bunch of new APIs (including the AWOL E4X and RegExp), and a whole lot more. Oh, oh, oh, a “compilation mode” too. Damn that sounds promising.

update: Sho Kuwamoto’s post here seems to confirm that the new VM will support JIT compilation of AS3.

update 2: I haven’t seen the Flex2 FAQ linked to yet. Plenty of good answers there. My question: how big will the 8.5 player be?

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