hey adobe, your skylarov is showing

Geoff Stearns who is the author of the popular FlashObject Javascript library has a post describing a somewhat disconcerting exchange with Adobe’s legal department. According to Geoff they have requested that he stop using the word “Flash” in his project name. Geoff, somewhat grudgingly, has agreed to rename the project SWFObject.

I really do hope this is just a matter of Adobe’s legal and public relations not consulting one another. In any event, it makes it clear that Adobe needs to provide a clear statement on it’s perspective regarding trademark infringement (and other legal issues) and then enforce it in a reasonable and consistent manner. I think this would also help clear up some of the legal ambiguity of a few open source Flash projects.

The OSFlash mailing list currently has some discussion on the matter in this thread. And Peter Elst has posted a good level headed appeal to Adobe regarding this manner.

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