common sense in the works?

I noticed this recent comment from Kai Engert on a domain mismatch related entry (named “Multiple https bad-certificate warnings should be combined”) in the Mozilla bug database:

“Please note that I started to work on an approach that combines the dialog and will allow the option to remember a override for a certain hostname+cert pair.”

(He didn’t make that last part all bold and everything. I did that. For like, emphasis).

Here’s hoping we see this improvement soon. I’ve said it before; I’ve learned alot from the Remember Mismatched Domains extension and am happy to continue updating / maintaining it but this really is functionality that should be baked into Mozilla. Think about it – a mail client that, by default, forces you to click through a dialog each time it connects to your mail server! In 2006!

Mozilla security has been getting some attention recently, (some of it serious, some of it less so), and with the newly appointed, high profile, security chief reading through old bugs it would be great to see this one resolved for good.

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