advantages to cool weather building

Upon seeing the frost on my windshield and the thin layer of ice on the puddles yesterday morning I had little expectation of making much progress on the VG23. Driving to the farm with a steaming cup of coffee I kept thinking about the warm bed I’d left behind and wondering how my allergies to cold weather would hold up under the day’s forecast high of 5°C.

Of course sanding is one of those all-weather tasks and now that I’m fairing, the exertion of using a longboard served to chase away some of the chill. There was actually only a bit of sanding on the keel that needed to be done and by putting a bit of arm into it I managed to quickly move onto applying more fairing compound.

I have an old desk in the hayloft that has been re-purposed as a workbench and by sticking a halogen lamp beneath it and blocking off the ends I had a nice spot to warm Quickfair to a workable temperature. With a second halogen lamp aimed on the hull I was able to keep the fairing compound being applied from becoming too cool to spread easily. I found that with this technique I was able to take my time and didn’t feel rushed to beat the Quickfair’s curing time (here’s hoping it will cure eventually ;-).

This is by far this the latest into the fall that I’ve worked on the boat and while it’s only October I consider it “bonus” time. I’ll probably just keep playing it by ear and close up shop when the temperature drops a few more degrees.

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