fdtrace 0.3.1 – stringbuilder performance gains

I stumbled across a bit of a performance problem with FDTracer last week. While working in FlashDevelop I noticed that things were beginning to respond a little slowly. The problem gradually grew worse and my system resources manager clearly showed that some part of FD was the culprit. After a bit of digging around it was obvious that FDTracer was at the root of it all.

I happened to be listening to a Flash video stream in the browser while I was working and the video’s swf player was tracing out debug data every 10 milliseconds or so. After about a 1/2 hour of this my debug Flash Player’s log file had grown to many thousand lines and FDTracer was chugging to parse the contents.

Upon replacing a String concatenation or two with a StringBuilder routine FDTracer was once again humming along. The performance gains were pretty astounding and definitely taught me a lesson I won’t forget anytime soon.

Download FDTracer 0.3.1:

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