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Today, nearly 4 years, 123 comments and 42 votes after having been opened, Mozilla bug 228684 – Remember overrides of Certificate Domain Name Mismatch was updated to Resolved.

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flash player 8 beta and adblock

It seems there is a conflict between the beta of the Flash Player 8 (Maelstrom) plugin for FF and the adblock extension. A quick google turned up this entry in Sean Corfield’s blog which contains a short discussion of the issue in the comments section. Current solution: disable Obj-tabs (under adblock options).

Speaking of the player beta I’ve been checking out some of the various Maelstrom examples (in between testing existing content of course) but haven’t come across any news of the ECMAScript for XML (E4X) functionality that was suspected to be included. I wonder if thats beacuse it’s not ’sexy’ enough for the current Maelstrom ‘discovery’ commotion or perhaps it didn’t make it in?

update: Ahh, no E4X yet – Darron Schall pointed to a comment from David Mendels in Brooks Andrus’ blog. David is an executive VP at Macromedia. (I sure hope someone over at Adobe’s taking notes).

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devmo alpha

I’m catching up on my reading so this may be old news.

It looks like an alpha of’s Devmo site has gone live here:
They’ve gone with a wiki format and have posted a list of the Netscape DevEdge material that they’ve brought over thus far. Woot, the core javascript docs are in there:

update: Woops, I forgot to title this entry. Fixed that.

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firefox – about:about

Here is a link to a knowledge base article detailing the various about: links supported by FireFox (and Mozilla):

Those cache links are good to know about – they’ll come in handy when debugging. The award for kookiest goes to about:kitchensink. And you know what? The length of that bugzilla thread discussing it does not surprise me one bit.

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netscape devedge content to return points to a recent entry in Mitchell Baker’s blog providing some good news about the Netscape DevEdge material. Apparently AOL has agreeed to grant a license to the Mozilla foundation allowing them to host and maintain the docs. The material was one of my primary JavaScript references before the site went dark back in the fall.

From the update post it seems like the DevMo content will most likely be hosted at Presumably the links here will start working again.


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