b.c. single transferable vote swf

The British Colombia Citizen’s Assembly on Electoral Reform have a well done swf explaining the proposed BC-STV:

In Tuesday’s provincial election citizens of BC will cast ballots in a referendum to change the electoral process to a single transferable vote system. Here in the east it seems like STV is getting more mass media coverage than the election itself.

I picked this up from Darren Barefoot in an entry he posted explaining how elections BC has decided that blogs are a form of campaign advertising.

(Re that flash piece – personally I’d have atleast made Danielle Durian my second choice. I mean c’mon, the king of fruits!)


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missile defence shield

Judging by George Bush’s not so subtle behaviour during his visit to Canada a couple of weeks ago it seems the missile defence squeeze is on. Clearly the Bush administration are very serious about getting a Canadian flag on their missile defence shield. It would appear that they’ve taken a cue from the New Mexico based T-ShirtKing.com who are offering a “go Canadian” disguise for Americans traveling abroad. Canada’s support of, and participation in, the missile shield program would bring it a sense of legitimacy and prevent the United States from appearing to once again be acting unilaterally. Unfortunately for Mr. Bush, I don’t think Canadians are just going to chuckle and crack ‘eh’ jokes about this “disguise”.
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control room

Yankee Doodle went to town
Arriving on a Sunday
Found some peple living there
Killed them all by Monday

If you’re looking for a film that will start a conversation consider taking a look at
Control Room. Primarily a documentary about Al-Jazeera and it’s coverage of the war in Iraq, this film takes a hard-nosed look at the media in war.

Here’s another quote:

Truth ultimately finds its way to people’s eyes and ears and hearts.
- Donald Rumsfeld

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funding wind power r and d

This thread on slashdot about the America’s Space Prize got me thinking. By all accounts the governemnt of the province of Alberta is rolling in revenues from the oil and gas industry. Parts of the province are also well suited for the generation of wind power. How cool, and responsible, would it be for Ralph Klien, (or, snicker, whoever wins the premiership in the upcoming election) to offer a similar prize for a viable wind power station. On top of the cash prize they would also be smart to offer business incentives (in the form of reduced taxes, wage subsidies…) for companies looking to compete for the prize. A great way to convince them to locate development in the province.

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welcome / bienvenue

To all the Americans who threatened to move to Canada should George Bush be re-elected to the Presidency: if the door is locked you’ll find the key under the mat. Don’t forget your skates.

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