deep karma canyon

Tell me who will keep score for you
As we play everyday inside a
Deep karma canyon

Bob Mould’s (Hüsker Dü, Sugar) new album, Body of Song, which is due out in July has apparently been leaked on the internet. He’s been sharing some of his thoughts and reactions to it all on his blog:

A pretty level-headed response if you ask me. Especially considering he’s one of the artists that gets hurt the most by this kind of thing.

Comments (0) RAVE award has won the 2004 RAVE award for blogger of the year:

Kevin Sites is a journalist who has covering the war in Iraq for NBC and CNN (among others?) and blogged about his experiences while doing so. You may recall Kevin as the journalist behind the camera that documented the shooting of a wounded and unarmed Iraqi prisoner by an American soldier in a mosque during the offensive in Fallujah a couple of months prior to the Iraqi elections.

I’ve mentioned Kevin Sites’ blog previously. There really is some amazing stuff in there and the firestorm he became the center of is just a part of it.

From boingboing.

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riding giants

We saw Riding Giants the other evening. It’s a great documentary looking at the history and evolution of big-wave surfing. Quite interesting and certainly worth watching even if (like me) you’re not a surfer. A word of warning though – if you’re fighting off any mid-winter what am I doing in this place (or job)… feelings this film will not help.

Sony’s website for the film is here:

On a geek note. When documenting some of surfing’s early days the filmakers used an interesting special effect to add 3D like movement to a number of the still photos in the film. I scanned the making of piece that seems to be de rigueur with DVDs today and am pretty sure I heard them mention that they used Adobe After Effects to achieve this particular effect.

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Sub Pop singles club auction round II

Crying for the music? I doubt you really care.
Lookin’ for an answer? You can find it anywhere.

Apparently the sub pop singles club ebay auction I mentioned last month went sour so the collection is back on the block. Chuck from left a comment to let me know. Hurry and get your bid in (this one ends February 11th) or just head over to take a look and reminisce:

Best of luck this time around Chuck!

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Sub Pop Singles Club

Some fella is selling his entire collection of the Sub Pop Singles Club (both version 1 and 2) with the exception of one Luna 7″ on ebay. The singles club was a brilliant publishing move that subpop began back in 1988 with a Nirvana 45. Brilliant ’cause it provided an opportunity to showcase bands like Nirvana without their having to get a full length album together and at the same time it was an way for music fans to take a chance on some unknown bands without risking a big chunk of their record buying budget.

Man, for the want of a decent turntable. Well, that and the $5000 plus it’ll take to win the auction.

I picked this up from boingboing.

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